2019 has been a pretty busy year for us so far. We spent the first quarter of this year finishing the development of Repair Pilot that started in 2018. Then, around Easter, we launched our online version of Repair Pilot.

So, what have we been doing since then? You can check our 3 months on blog post here.

However, this blog post is looking to the future, and looking at what plans we have for the final quarter of 2019. Well, a lot of what we have planned are based on ideas that we have gotten from our users, which is why we are always so open to feedback and suggestions for new features.

Our main aim by the end of the year is to have our Marketing module finished and live. This is probably what we are most excited about at the moment, and we think you should be too. We have yet to finalise every feature but just to give you a small taster; automated service reminders via SMS or eMails, bulk SMS messaging for marketing, heavier integration with Mailchimp and more. On top of this, the marketing module is going to be provided within your current pricing. We will not be increasing your subscription, or charging separate for this*.

On top of the Marketing module, our other main introduction this quarter is going to be our lead/enquiry management. This section is going to allow you to manage any leads or new enquiries, progress them into a job and most importantly, track all of it through advanced reporting. The leads/enquiries on the system can come from several places; they can be added manually by you and your staff, they can be added by the customer, through the customer portal, or they can be added through your own website by creating an enquiry form through the new web form builder, which will also be coming soon.

So, those are the two we are most excited about, and we think it is the two which will make the most difference to your business, which is what our aim is to do, increase your efficiency, customer retention and revenue!

That's not all though. As well as the above, these are also some of the items we have on our development board:

  • Complete the worksheet module
  • Better multi-store management
  • Translations to multiple languages
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly reports
  • More 3rd Party Integrations
  • Calendar management
  • and more.

So, make sure you keep an eye on our change log, as well as this blog so you know when these changes go live.

As always, we welcome and feedback and feature suggestions. If you would like to contact us about this, you can do so through the support section of Repair Pilot, or by clicking here.



*There will be charges for SMS messages, but these are paid separate to your chosen SMS provider.

by Shaun Brereton

Mon, 16 September 2019

Tags: repair pilot repair management repair shop crm repair tracking system