Simplifying Repair Business Management

Our Mission

To provide a platform that brings value to both your business through time savings and increased revenue and to your customers by simplifying the repair process.

The Origin Story

Repair Pilot was first developed in 2012 by our Founder, Shaun, due to nothing else being available which suited the needs of a repair business that he ran for 10 years.

The experience gained during this time, teamed with the knowledge of the software company he also ran was combined to create a simple, user friendly software which had all of the features that were required for such a company. In 2013, the software was officially launched to the public and was an instant hit among the computer repair industry. In 2016, the software was relaunched under the name it now goes by, Repair Pilot. At this stage the software was still desktop based, and restricted to use only on Windows based machines.

So, back to present day. In late 2018, we decided on a 'redo'. We redeveloped, redesigned and relaunched. In early 2019, Repair Pilot was launched on a Cloud software platform, opening up the software to all users, no longer restricted by desktop installed software, Repair Pilot can now be used on PCs, Macs, tablets and phones.

We also wanted to make sure we could back up our fantastic product with unrivalled customer service, offering dedicated staff to Repair Pilot, along with a full roadmap for our software, allowing our customers; old, new and potential, to see exactly where we are going with the software.

With some fantastic plans for the software, we are looking forward to what the future holds for both ourselves, and our customers.