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Our pricing structure is based on your usage, specifically the number of repairs/jobs that you book on. This means you are not limited to the number of users or devices that you use it on. Log on your phone, office PC and your laptop at home, you won't be charged any extra!

With Repair Pilot, you only pay for what you use

Calculate What Repair Pilot Will Cost Your Business

On average, how many repairs do you book in a month?



Per Month (around 50p per job)

£15 /month For Upto 30 Jobs

For the Next 31-100 Jobs

£0.35 /job


For the Next 101-200 Jobs

£0.30 /job


For the Next 201-500 Jobs

£0.25 /job


For Each Job After 500

£0.20 /job


Repair Pilot - What Do You Get?

Everything. We don't have tiered pricing like others, whether you have 5 repairs a month or 500, the features, integrations, everything, is included.

Use of All Features & Integrations
FREE Support
FREE Data Migration
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Stores
Email Updates
SMS Updates
Mailchimp Integration
Extensive Reporting
Invoice Module
Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive
Built in Marketing
Label Printing
Custom Currency & Regional Settings
Part & Supplier Management
Ongoing Updates & Integrations