Simple & Quick

One thing we have found with ready to go, off the shelf software packages, is that there is usually some compromise.

You will have to accept the values that are already inputted into the program, or you will have to change the way you work to accommodate it.

So we have made sure that you can adjust as many parts of the software as possible. The main things that can be modified are the manufacturer list, for the items that get brought in for repair, and the repair types themselves.

So a computer shop repair company might have different services to another, as well as different prices, so these can be modified.

At the same time, a jewellery repair shop won’t want anything in the list that is not relevant to what they do. So all of these values can be changed and adjusted, all from the configuration screen.

Within our repair tracking software, the check-in receipt can also be changed, you can add all of your business details, including your logo. You can also add your own custom message at the bottom of the receipt, this can be a disclaimer, a special offer, or just a sales message.

On the open and closed jobs screen, you can also choose which fields are displayed, this is perfect if you want to be able to find something out quickly, without going into the job, such as which storage bay the item is in, or who the assigned technician is for the job.

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