Job Management

Repair Pilot is designed to track your repairs throughout the whole process, from booking them in, to checking them out and beyond.

It wouldn’t be much of a program if it didn’t do this effectively. Our repair tracking software has a simple user interface at the booking in screen, meaning that you don’t have to be a techy to book a job in.

It also has an easy to use management screen for jobs, easily allowing you to read and add notes, set the completion date and much more.

Repair Pilot also allows you to return a job, for example, if a customer has brought their repair back in if it repeating the same issues, then instead of having to go through the process of booking in a new job, you simply open the job from the ‘Closed Jobs’ screen, and click on ‘Return Job’, and you’re done.

It will put the repair back into the ‘Open Jobs’ list, with a ‘Returned’ status, so you can see which jobs have been returned, this also allows you to see the notes from the original repair, allowing you to see what was carried out on the job, and by who.

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