Job Label Printing

Possibly the worst thing that could happen when a customer brings in a repair to you, is you lose it, or some part of it, by getting it mixed up with another repair.

Well, with our repair tracking software, you can make sure that all of the items booked in by your customer is labelled up with a sticker printed from a wide range of supported label printers, including Dymo and Brother printers.

You can choose between various label sizes, and you can choose what is displayed on the label, options include the customer name, job number, customer number and more. This way you can make sure nothing goes missing, and everything gets back to the customer.

We are constantly adding support for more and more label printers, if yours isn’t supported yet, let us know, and we can make sure it gets included in the next update. As well as this, if you have a specific request for a certain label, whether it is a specific size, or whether you want it to include certain information that your company uses for repairs, simply get in touch, and we can make sure our repair tracking software accommodate you as best as it can.

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