Customer Management

Managing your customers is an important part of the repair process. To help with this, our repair tracking software allows quick access to your customer information, as well as being able to select the best contact method for your customers.

Some people may not be able to answer the phone at work, so they may prefer to get a text or an email, or they may prefer a phone call, so you can choose this when adding a customer to a job, to ensure you are being as convenient as possible for the customer. For the more savvy customers, you can also offer to Tweet them or send them a message via other social media options.

Another feature in Repair Pilot prevents duplicate data from being entered, and this is a feature we have not found in other repair tracking software.

If there is more than one person working in your repair shop, you may not always know if a customer has had a repair in your shop before. Repair Pilot automatically checks if the contact number has already been entered before when you are adding a new customer, and if it has, it offers to show you the list of accounts that it is attached to.

This not only reduces the amount of database, but also saves time for both you and the customer.

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