Check In Receipt

One of the biggest issues with using a paper based system, or a homemade spreadsheet, is that you don’t get to give the customer a receipt for leaving their item with you, and from research, we know customers like this.

Not only does it give the sense of trust and professionalism in your business, but it also covers you in the event of a disagreement. The check in receipt has all the customer’s details on, and all the job details, from the date it was checked in, to the fault is was experiencing, to the price quoted.

So you have got some comeback if the customer said that they were quoted £30 less, you can point them back to their receipt.

It also displays the Job number and Customer number, making it easier for you to find their repair if the customer call for an update, or to collect their device.

You can also customise your check-in receipt by adding a message at the bottom, this can be a disclaimer for your business, or a simple message to your customers, such as a marketing message or advertisement.

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