Released: 28/06/2017

  • System notes and status updates now showing on job notes
  • Fixed date/time display issue on notes screen
  • Fixed error on updating status from right click menu (online)
  • Warranty and Paid statuses now saving to job and show on printed receipts
  • Prevented Book In buttons from disabling on validation error
  • Bug Fix – No longer requires the user to save database details after and update

Released: 31/05/2017

  • Bug fixed with warranty and paid not saving back
  • Label printing – correct values as set in admin now working for Brother printers
  • GUI changes

Released: 31/05/2017

  • Customise Customer Referral Types
  • Bug Fix for Online Version: Creating a new customer error
  • Display issues fixed for smaller resolution screens
  • Better formatting when exporting customer CSV file

Released: 09/05/2017

  • Customer referral options now available when adding a new user
  • Auto refresh set up on the closed jobs screen
  • Canned reply bug fixed where it was not pulling in the correct contact number
  • SSL setting now saving back correctly for GMAIL email setups

Released: 25/04/2017

  • ‘How did you hear about us?’ field added to the new customer form
  • Bug when saving a store on online databases fixed
  • Functionality added to export customers to a CSV

Released: 10/04/2017

  • Tab order fixed across the software
  • Space put between first name and last name on data grids
  • Customer search bug fix for online databases
  • Booking in error when a colour is not selected now fixed
  • Custom labels printing the wrong fields now fixed
  • Brands, item types, repair types and colour attributes are now all editable

Released: 24/01/2017

  • Integrated ReportViewer 2012 (Windows 10 compatibility)
  • Bug Fix: Currency issue on the printed receipt
  • Bug Fix: Paid and quote options on receipt
  • Bug Fix: Sometimes the item type did not save
  • Improved GUI for smaller screens
  • Correct value totals now showing on job reports
  • Bug Fix: Global search issue with certain search types
  • Auto selects logged in user on forms
  • All company address information now shows on check in receipt
  • Customer names showing on reports
  • Multiple repair type now showing on job tables
  • Technician report layout changed
  • Improved webcam error handling
  • User issue fixed for online users
  • Previous jobs dialog now displays records
  • Tab order fixed on new job and part screen
  • Client screen fixed for online users

Released: 13/01/2017

  • Bug fix: Adding user
  • Bug fix: Adding part
  • Bug Fix: Adding Users
  • Bug Fix: Adding Parts
  • GUI: Improved layout on various pages

Released: 23/12/2016

  • Improved New Staff Validation
  • Fixed Error when Opening a Customer of a Certain Type
  • Delete Image Button on New Job Fixed
  • Password is No Longer Mandatory
  • GUI & Typos Fixed
  • Added spacing between customer names and staff names
  • Fixed bug on customer job/customer forms
  • Bug fixed that stopped certain installs from adding parts, suppliers and categories
  • Delete Part button fixed
  • Datagrid column names fixed
  • Full screen job information now shows when opening from global search

Released: 12/12/2016

  • Complete multi store capability giving options to add additional stores
  • Receipt printing bug under certain circumstance for online databases
  • Repair Type field not compiling for online databases
  • Store options added to the new job screen
  • Store options added to the job info screen
  • Store options added to the grid screen
  • Inventory screen UI reworked
  • Improved layout for smaller screen

Released: 05/12/2016

  • Custom profile text now prints onto the printed receipt
  • Currency symbols shown through the software as per the value selected in settings
  • Improved layout on smaller screens
  • Error when registering an annual online license fixed
  • Dates shown on the notes screen now formatted as per your settings
  • Dashboard screen now functional and displaying figures
  • Month and Year selector added to the Dashboard screen
  • Fixed Issue with adding staff member using certain parameters
  • Storage Location sometimes not showing on open/closed job screen fixed
  • Repair Type sometimes not showing on open/closed jobs screen fixed

Released: 15/11/2016

  • Easier to renew your license
  • Bug fixes for online version
  • Corrected the product name in the product selector
  • Bug fix on the canned reply
  • Improved layout on smaller screens

Released: 13/10/2016

  • Footer counter not correct – fixed
  • Fixed graphic issue for smaller screens

Released: 11/10/2016

  • Fixed GUI Issue on part orders screen

Released: 12/10/2016

  • User Bug Fixed – Not Loading if no surname set
  • Label bug Fix – Certain fields not saving for Dymo labels

Released: 10/10/2016

  • Issue fixed for networked Dymo printers
  • Current Job Screen Now Auto Refreshes When Closing a Job

Released: 07/10/2016

  • Date formatting bug fixed
  • Additional label sizes for Brother printers
  • Dymo Label Fix
  • Loading Brother Printer Fix (QL Range)
  • Receipt Printing Big Fix (A4)

Released: 30/09/2016

  • New Interface Design
  • Custom Label Design
  • Improved License Management
  • Introduction of Reports
  • Improved Inventory Management
  • New SMS Provider
  • Custom Status Colours
  • Multiple Bug Fixes
  • Date Formatting Customisation

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