What Is Repair Pilot?

Repair Pilot is our latest software package and was designed and developed specifically for repair companies. It streamlines the process of booking in repairs for your clients, as well as managing them throughout the repair process, giving you more time to manage your business.

Repair Pilot is suitable for a wide range or companies, like computer repair shops, mobile phone repair shops, jewellery repair shops, bike repair shops and more. Repair Pilot has several different profiles built in, and can be customised to suit your business.

Why Did We Develop Our Repair Tracking Software?

Development for our repair tracking software commenced in 2012, and it was originally only going to be used by our sister company, bComputing. The computer repair shop was using another piece of software at this point, however it was complicated and frustrating to use.

This is why Repair Pilot has been designed to provide robust performance with a simple, easy-to-use interface. We decided to release Repair Pilot to the public in June 2013, and it has had over 2000 downloads since. The repair tracking software is now used throughout the United Kingdom, and we also have repair shops from different countries around the world using Repair Pilot, including the USA, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, and more.

Who Developed Repair Pilot

bSoftware is a software development company based in Middlesbrough, which can be found in the North East of England. We originally developed Repair Pilot for use by our sister company, bComputing, with the aim of creating repair tracking software that catered for both theirs and their customer’s needs. Repair Pilot was later released to the public, and it has proven to be incredibly popular.

Moving forward, we received a lot of requests to help make the software more compatible with a wider range of business types, rather than the sole focus being on IT related companies. So, we developed the repair tracking software further to be suitable for a wider range of businesses such as TV repair companies and jewellery repair shops. Any business that conducts repairs for their customers will benefit through the use of Repair Pilot.

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